Shenzhen Vinmori Technology Co., Ltd.
मुख्य उत्पादों: गरम बनियान, गरम जैकेट, प्रशंसक ठंडा कपड़े, वातानुकूलित कपड़ा, गरम जैकेट दस्ताने Hoodies

Leading the heated & cooling industry for over 20 years, we have provided heated & cooling solutions for Panasonic, Burger King, WHO, and Country Defense, and honored to be top 10 heated apparel players in the market.


● <0.1% defective rate :20 years experience IS09001-2000/UL/CUL/SGS certified factory

● JP/CA/CN based market-oriented develop team help elevate innovation to differenciate from competitors;

● Free product development consultance: concept proof verification;

● Time & cost-saving:Tip-to-toe one-stop smart apparel solution;

● Multi-industry ODM service: covering motorcycling, hunting, skiing, healthcare, PPE and etc.